Distances in the Galaxy (ongoing project)


To derive the physical properties of sources, distances are needed. We used the sources catalog of the Herschel Hi-GAL survey containing about 150 000 sources to derive the distance for these sources. For each source, we searched for its associated available spectra in existing molecular surveys of the Galactic Plane, fit the observed lines and use additional information, including a morphological analysis of the lines emission, to determine the distance. The results are presented in Mège et al. (2021). Based on sources detected in the Hi-GAL survey, his work offers a huge potential for Galactic studies and for star formation, in particular.

Longitude–velocity distribution of all Hi-GAL sources in the range -60° < l < 60° for which we have obtained a velocity. The gray-scale image shows the distribution of the molecular gas traced by the integrated 12CO emission from Dame et al. (2001) (figure extracted from Mège et al. 2021).

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