The CarbON CII line in post-rEionization and ReionizaTiOn epoch project


Latest news

  1. -April 2018: CONCERTO has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant.

  2. -A. Benoit, A. Catalano, J. Goupy, G. Lagache and A. Monfardini will visit the APEX antenna at the end of April 2018 to better study CONCERTO installation in the Cassegrain cabin and to install some sensors to measure cabin deformations.

  3. -Jan 2018: CONCERTO has been accredited by A*MIDEX and will receive fundings to quick start the development of the most critical elements of the instrument (e.g. cryostat) and the development of the data reduction pipeline.

  4. -Visit the Institut Néel CONCERTO webpage to see the status of our pathfinder instrument KISS as well of our ongoing CONCERTO integration study.

CONCERTO Instrument

Main science goal

  1. -Spatial distribution and abundance of molecular gas over a broad range of cosmic time from the CO intensity fluctuations arising from 0.3<z<2 galaxies.

  2. -Interstellar medium of our Galaxy:  dust properties, frequency and maximum mass of starless dense cores

  3. -Nearby & distant galaxies: dust properties as a function of metal enrichment, star formation / dark-matter halo mass connection

  4. -Galaxy clusters: mass from tSZ, velocity flows in galaxy clusters from kSZ


G. Lagache (LAM) and A. Monfardini  (Institut Néel) are the PI and Instument Scientist, resp.

Core members:

A. Beelen (LAM, Marseille)

A. Benoit (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

M. Béthermin (LAM, Marseille)

A. Bideaud (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

O. Bourrion (LPSC, Grenoble)

C. De Breuck (ESO, Garching)

M. Calvo (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

A. Catalano (LPSC, Grenoble)

Y. Cao (LAM, Marseille)

F.-X. Désert (IPAG, Grenoble)

J. Goupy (Institut Néel, Grenoble)

J.-C. Lambert (LAM, Marseille)

J. Macias-Perez (LPSC, Grenoble)

N. Ponthieu (IPAG, Grenoble)


C. Diaconu (CPPM, Marseille)

F.-X. Dupé  (LIF, Marseille)

J.-G. Cuby (LAM, Marseille)

O. Le Fèvre (LAM, Marseille)

A. Ferrara (SNS, Pisa)

T. Mroczkowski (ESO, Garching)

N. Novelli (LIF, Marseille)

C. Schimd (LAM, Marseille)

C. Surace (LAM, Marseille)