I am interested in various aspects of the properties and evolution of galaxies. My work includes:

  • Computing models of the chemical and spectro-photometric evolution of galaxies and constrain them with the fossil traces we can find in the objects of the nearby universe (Milky Way, Spirals, Low Surface Brightness galaxies, dwarfs, in the field or in the Virgo cluster).
  • Applying such models to the study of high redshift galaxies, such as Gamma Ray Bursts hosts.
  • Using ultra-violet to infrared data to study extinction and star formation in nearby late-type galaxies (using specially the results of the GALEX mission).
  • Studying the properties of Low Surface Brightness galaxies and of the outer parts of normal disk galaxies, especially those presenting extended UV emission (XUV galaxies). Hopefully, this work will allow us to better understand how star formation occurs on galactic scales at low densities.
  • Using this expertise of galaxy evolution and apply it to the exploitation of large projects, such as SVOM for the study of Gamma Ray Bursts host galaxies, or SKA for the detection of giant HI galaxies at intermediate redshift.

  • My concept cloud from ADS Bumblebee

    Being part of the astronomical community

    I try to take my share of responsibilities for the astronomical community, especially in terms of animation of the scientific life, outreach, and in the preparation of young astronomers to their future.

    • I was a member of the council of the Société Française d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique (SF2A) for many years, and its president for 2 years (2016-2018).
    • I was a member of the management team at LAM in 2018-2023, and director in 2023.
    • I am currently director of the French national program for galaxies and cosmology (PNCG).
    • I consider especially important for our community to consider the difficulties met by young researchers. I devoted time to some actions especially dedicated to them (surveys, workshops, actions in favor of the PhDs).
    • In a time when critical thinking is sometimes clogged by stupidity (in the medias and among some people), outreach is especially important to spread the understanding of the scientific method and the beauty of our science. I contribute to this modestly by outreach actions (this page includes the "public" section for it, in french only).
    • Mini-CV

      • 2023 Director of LAM by interim
      • 2020 Appointed PNCG director.
      • 2019 Becoming CNRS DR (directeur de recherche).
      • 2018 Appointed deputy-director at LAM.
      • 2016 Elected SF2A president (2016-2018)
      • 2016 Appointed head of the GECO team at LAM (2016-2017).
      • 2014 Long term visit at Bologna Observatory.
      • 2012 "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" diploma. PDF file of the corresponding French dissertation.
      • 2014 Elected at the council of SF2A for 4 years (vice-president)
      • 2013 Appointed as PNCG counselor.
      • 2010 Elected at the council of SF2A for 4 years (treasurer)
      • 2005 Hired by the CNRS, appointed at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
      • 2002-2005 Post-Doc, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena (Ca, USA).
      • 2000-2002 Marie Curie post-doc, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge (UK).
      • 2000 Doctorate. Supervisor : Nikos Pantzos. PDF file of the corresponding French dissertation.


      I tend to be a geek. Reading a lot of SF (discussing books on, in French), playing some videogames, coding animations or applets in processing (sometimes related to my SF readings), browsing the web, watching series, talking to my computer in case an AI will take it over and we can have a little chat. I do a lot of sport (one week skiing each year... Yes, that's a lot).